Garage Storage Ideas

garage storage ideasEveryone who owns a garage know that they are very convenient for keeping a plethora of items safe without having to throw them out or rent out an expensive storage unit. Yet, no matter how big the garage may be, it seems like they have the tendency to become cluttered with piles of stuff and heavily disorganized. There is no need for you to have to deal with such a mess because there are tons of different garage storage ideas that are available to you so you can utilize every inch of your garage effectively.

For efficient storage place it all starts with a plan. You need to take into consideration the things that you will b using more often in a place that is much more easily accessible. An example of this kind of planning is the consideration of a workbench or toolbox and how many drawers are needed for your hand tools and other related items. Your goal is to maximize your storage space for functional use and efficiency.

Different garage storage ideas:

Once you have a good idea on where you can put things and which items are going to be more accessible you can now begin to plan out how you plan to store these items. Here are some great garage storage ideas:

Slatwall or Pegboards: These can be easily mounted on the garage wall to hang or hook small baskets and containers or mount tool strips for small screwdrivers and pliers. These are great for small items that need to be kept at a level of easy access.

Storage Cabinets: Storage cabinets can be hung around the garage storage ideas and can hold any item that you can imagine from tools, holiday decorations and even old toys. When choosing to get storage cabinets you will have to figure out how many you need, what size to purchase and what walls they will be mounted on.

Overhead Storage: Overhead storage racks are available to be mounted on the ceiling of your garage. This is a great way to open more floor space throughout your garage. These don’t only offer easy access but most are capable of holding up to 400 pounds in just a single rack.

Common garage storage ideas:

garage storageShelves: Open shelves are often used for tools,small items that there is not enough space for in the home, and other miscellaneous items. Shelves can be placed virtually anywhere in the garage storage ideas and pose to be a great option when it comes to keeping items organized and easily accessible. These are always a great option for storage bins.

Once you know what kind of storage you will be incorporating into the design of your garage it is made much more simple to finally get your garage under control. With all of the previously listed garage storage ideas you can easily find a solution for all of your garage storage problems.