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garage organization ideasIf you own a garage, probably you already know that keeping it neat and tidy is not a small job. Still, there are ways of keeping this space well organized and clean, which can be used as a place where you store items that you do not use so often – like bikes, garden items, instruments, etc,etc.

The ways of doing that are not so difficult, giving that you are willing to invest some cash in buying shelving and some garage furniture. Before starting the organization of your garage, be sure not to put useless and unnecessary items. Keep only the things that have a purpose and function and the ones that you use periodically.

Here are some tips:

Shelving wall for garage

Shelves are a great way to organize your things and in the same time to find them quickly. Start with the middle shelves, on your height level, with the most common items like instruments and accessories for your car. On the low and high level shelves put the things that you use rarely or seasonally.

Furniture system for garage

If you have, too many things clumped up in your garage and you use it like a basement or an attic, but you still would like to keep it organized, it would be a good thing if you invest some cash into a system of cabinets with doors, shelves and drawers. You will be able to fit more items which will stay cleaner and fresher.

Use different kinds of stands for walls

garage storage hooksIf the bicycles that you keep in your garage take way too much space – buy them some stands and place them on the wall or even on the ceiling. This way you will save space and you will take good care for your bicycles. On stands you can put a lot of things like hoses, shovels, car tires, ladders, etc.


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