How To Use All the Space in Our Garage

garage storage ideaAlthough having a garage is a great advantage, there surely are some problems that come with it. For example, surely everyone will agree that the free space in it is never sufficient. The problem becomes even more complicated if you own a massive car that leaves almost no free space but the walls and the ceiling. Fortunately, you can still use all the space, even if you don’t realize that there is space yet unused – below you can find 3 useful garage storage ideas that will help you manage your shelving and storing in a practical and elegant way.

One of the best and most popular garage storage ideas is to expand your garage. This doesn’t mean to build additions to it, it rather means to…dig. Perhaps you have seem those garages of people who mend their cars on their own – in the middle of the floor there is an opening where they stay in order to be comfortable when working. However, imagine making this opening a way bigger and filling it with shelves – it will be something like a cellar and will give you a lot of place for your things. Of course, this improvement is rather massive, so you will need to consider it attentively and to consult a specialist.

The second of our garage storage ideas is to use all the available wall space. How exactly? Just hang everything you have there! Bicycles, fishing rods, normal rods, ladders – everything that takes space on the ground can be positioned fairly well on the walls. However, when doing this, don’t forget that you will need to make sure everything is stable and safe – you don’t want things falling all around the place.

storage idea garageAnd here is the last of our garage storage ideas: use a lot of shelves! If two of the walls are used to hang things on them, leave the other two for shelves and make sure you put a lot of them. This is good for tools, small objects, materials, etc. and these things are always becoming more and more. So, that is surely one of the best way to keep them – mounted on the shelves and having no contact with the ground.

In short, the garage storage ideas can really help you make your garage far more practical and better looking. What you need to do is use the walls as fully as possible – by hanging things on them (securely) and putting shelves. You can also consider a more radical action – digging a cellar and using it as a store. Good luck!

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